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Technorati...An Unlikely Blogger Community?

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch wrote recently about Technorati's shift in direction back to focusing on its core blogging audience. Says the sage one "That change foreshadows the upcoming shift - which places the Technorati site itself as an anchor in a new blog advertising network." Arrington goes on to suggest that Technorati's ad service will be more akin to Ad Brite than Glam or FM.

Of course, Technorati has an amazing edge on other ad services due to its site rankings and well-established tag system. Considering that many bloggers already have a profile at Technorati, it's not a stretch to think that they might add social networking features in addition to their proposed ad services. The internet can be an overwhelmingly large and lonely place to dwell and many companies have created successful enterprises by sizing the web down to neighborhoods and communities that allow people to conceptually put their arms around their own space.

I suppose the big question is does a community feel enhance advertising or detract from it? If the former, then expect to see Technorati integrate their core services, ad services and an improved social element in the future.