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The Entrecard Community

If you have arrived at this post with absolutely no knowledge of what an Entrecard is, my suggestion is that you go to Entrecard.com and watch the video. Entrecard is creating a lot of buzz and thousands of bloggers are joining and participating in the adventure. And as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of posts about Entrecard that can be googled, my intent with this post is to give you my 2ECs worth.

1) Entrecarding can become addictive and you might find yourself spending more time managing your account (ads, comments, and dropping cards) than you do actually writing content for your blog. Depending on the stage of your blog that might be a plus or a minus. I bring it up here because I have to constantly remind myself that Entrecard is a tool and that even though I have a good time messing with my Entrecard accounts, the main reason I participate isn't to have fun.

2) The Entrecard community is experiencing rapid growth and it is likely that there will be more members that join Entrecard in the next 6 weeks than have Entrecard accounts today. The site continues to change and evolve and that will suit some people more than others. Imagine what things might have been like way back in November when one would have had to visit a good percentage of the active sites in order to reach 300 Entrecard drops a day. I joined in the last week of December and could sense a camaraderie that existed amongst some of the "older" Entrecarders that will be impossible to replicate when there are 5000+ accounts.

3) The Entrecard opportunity can result in lots of new traffic to your site and that can be pretty thrilling to many newer bloggers. No, chaindropping does not result in "quality" traffic right away, but most quality blogs will increase their readership over time. Not everyone stays active with Entrecard, as there are likely many folks who decide that the results they got did not justify the time and effort spent on Entrecard.

4) It's about community. There are numerous methods to increase traffic to and readership of your blog. If you don't like belonging to a "community" then my guess is that you will tire of Entrecard within a month or so. Human nature seems to be we get out of things what we put into them. If you like reading other blogs and interacting with other bloggers, then you'll have a good time with Entrecard. If not, maybe you should focus your efforts on SEO.


peterahon said...

yeah entrecard is addictive... well I think it is but proper to acknowledge and return back those who visited/dropped their card to you, so it is another of those internet time that I spend, good thing most are into blogcatalog also. So writing sometimes take the back seat... ugh...

To say about addiction this is another addictive site that I am so much caught up with:


well I like to maintain being on
the top 15 so I am addictive to it... another... ugh...

Mo said...

My first visit here, via Entrecard!
I'm brand new there, but am enjoying what I've seen so far!
mo @ It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

Dreampunchboy said...

I'm so sick of trying to stay on top. I just gave up, not worth it. Takes way too much time. But don't depend on card droppings etc. I never drop unless I am on a blog where I read an article.

You have to really think "out of the box" to go upwards in the rankings.

biz beacon said...

I enjoyed the climb onto the Most Popular page, at one time reaching the 16th spot with My Internet Marketing Adventures blog. The thrill was short lived. Now I am looking for a long-term Entrecard strategy that is less about credits and more about connections.

M. Apip said...

Thank you for your inputs.


Matt said...

I found your site through Entrecard too. I believe I have dropped a card at least a half dozen times within the past week or so.

That being said, EC seems to be holding its own. I never got involved with BlogRush, but EC seems to have sustaining power while BR does not.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts now I'm back to dropping!